Hemline River Oaks

2047 W. Gray Street, Houston, Texas 77019

Email: riveroaks@shophemline.com

Phone: 713-520-0060


Very good customer service. Sales person was attentive and knew the merchandise. I bought both pairs of jeans she showed me.

What a relief to find a nice place to buy your girl a new dress without having to go out to somewhere like the galleria. Walked in and was immediately greeted by the nice girl running the shop. She went right to work helping to pick out dresses for the event and even recommended some nice matching items in the corners of the store. Super helpful. For a guy like me who likes to be quick in and out, bringing a girl who wants to browse forever, made my day a lot easier. 5 Stars!

Love their imported clothing from France and Italy, great quality and price range.

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